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Présentation de conférence

Who are we ?

Founded in 2023 by two passionate about psychology and pedagogy, the European School of Psychology - ESPÉ wants to offer a different teaching format giving a central place to practice and international openness by putting the student experience at the heart of the School's project

The founders

Directeur ESPÉ

Renaud Martellon

Founder and CEO

Graduated from Edhec and Insead, I wish to transpose the “Grande Ecole” experience to the teaching of psychology with the benefits of international openness and professionalization through internships and associative activities. throughout schooling, but also via academic requirements.

Deputy CEO of the Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens for 5 years, I want to propose a new way of teaching psychology by placing the student at the center of the educational project so that these years of study are a period of inner transformation and a human adventure full of encounters.

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Jean-Denis Blanc

Co-Founder and Director of the Programs

Psychologist and entrepreneur, I want to support an innovative pedagogy and expand the horizons of psychology practice beyond its traditional uses, enabling our graduates to address the future challenges of our society.

As a lecturer in the Master's program at Paris Dauphine University since 2018, I aspire to leverage my experience to offer students an academic journey of excellence and provide individual support as they embark on their professional projects within a structured and supportive framework.

The educational project

On the strength of our experience at the direction of the Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens, we wanted to develop an unprecedented educational project in the landscape of psychology training which is based on 5 principles:


The center of our pedagogical project


By creating a training center based on the Quebec model of the university clinic and by multiplying experiences in the field from the first year of the Bachelor's degree, ESPÉ wants its students to be directly employable on leaving the School by benefiting from 2 600 hours (a year and a half) of professional experience, more than 5 times more than the minimum required at the university to obtain the title of psychologist and psychotherapist.


In addition, our teachers are essentially practicing psychologists or researchers who have kept a practice so that the content of the courses and the cases studied are as close as possible to what awaits our graduates in their future professional life.

Finally, noting that many young psychology graduates wish to quickly set up their structure, practical lessons allow our students to work on their own entrepreneurial project within the School itself, benefiting from the advice and experience of their teacher in order to begin their activity once the diploma is obtained.

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