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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup stage


Practice is at the heart of ESPÉ educational project. This involves an important internship system allowing progressive professionalization with 2,600 hours (i.e. a year and a half) of professional immersion on the Bachelor + Master of Science cycles.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup heure de stage

A progressive professionalization


In the 1st year, the associative project and its volunteering in associations allows you to confront the fragility of the other with a professional posture. 

In the 2nd year, you discover the business world via a CDD / internship after the end of the course.


In the 3rd year, you complete a clinical internship

observation of practice.


 Master of Science            

At the end of the 1st year, you benefit from a year of professional immersion during which you do either 10 months of internship, or a semester abroad and a semester in internship.

In the 2nd year, you alternate lessons and immersion in the ESPÉ training center under the supervision of experienced psychologists. You complete this experience with a 500 hour internship with a psychologist.

 Executive MSc                 

The system in the 2nd year is very similar to that of the 2nd year of Master of Science.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup Accompagnement carrière

Career support

As an ESPÉ student, you have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of business placement professionals who will teach you how to define a career strategy and succeed in the different stages of recruitment. 


Our mission is also to help you identify the opportunities available to you, make the right choices and achieve your career goals.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup centre de formation

Our practical training center

The opening at the start of the 2025 academic year of a training center dedicated to mental health will enable final-year Master of Science and Executive MSc students to take care of patients under the supervision of experienced psychologists.

This center is intended to meet the mental health support needs of populations for whom the financial barrier is an obstacle with a price of €10 for students and €20 for other patients.


An initial interview allows the most difficult cases to be redirected to Paris - La Defense colleagues.

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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup supervision

An important supervision plan

Supervision is a system specific to psychology studies which aims at professional and personal development as well as at the acquisition of psychosocial skills. Led by a confirmed psychologist, it leads you to question yourself about what you have observed or practiced during the internship: your attitudes, your words, your perceptions, your emotions and your actions.

With approximately 100 hours of supervision over the entire course, you benefit from additional personalized support on top of the follow-up carried out by your internship supervisor in the structure, so that you deploy your professional skills to the maximum.

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