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ESPÉ, Ecoles Supérieure de Psychologie Européenne

Our values

Because the success of each of you is important to us, because we believe that psychology is a field of exchange and openness, because it matters to our faculty, ESPÉ has put three values at the center of its project 

ESPÉ, Ecoles Supérieure de Psychologie Européenne

The opening

Psychology offers a variety of sometimes competing approaches. The ESPÉ aims to be integrative and offers to train its students in different schools of thought with a solid foundation in social psychology.


Openness also means offering financial support systems so that studies at the ESPÉ are accessible to all.

Finally, openness involves the international dimension of ESPÉ and access to other cultures and other ways of understanding mental health.


The pedagogical referents of each program, the disability referent and the harassment referent are the guarantors of the proposed framework which should allow everyone to continue their studies in a climate of trust conducive to personal development. 


Moreover, psychology studies transform those who undertake them as much as they train them. This transformation can be more difficult to experience and the ESPÉ has set up free psychological support open to all.


Finally, we have the ambition to train psycho-practitioners and therapists who are experts in their field but above all who approach others with kindness and without judgment.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup
Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup

The requirement

The requirement is not elitism, every student demonstrating serious work must be able to graduate.


But by offering a demanding study framework both by the obligation to attend classes or internships and by the educational level required and the skills to be demonstrated to validate the diploma, ESPÉ wants to train recognized experts in psychology.

The requirement is also to provide a reassuring protective framework for parents and classmates at a time in life when temptations and distractions are great for students.

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