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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup étranger

The international experience

Our ambition is to build an extensive network of prestigious academic partners around the world for student exchanges and double degrees

Cross-cultural psychology

Advocating a truly intercultural and international approach with students, teachers and international partners from all over the world, we want to become a fantastic melting pot that will give a unique personal and professional identity with a strong sensitivity to the issues of cross-cultural psychology. It's a year of adventure that you may never have the opportunity to experience again!

Why go abroad?

Live in another culture by meeting new people and discovering new places, and you will show your potential future employers that you are capable, independent and up to a challenge. 

Do you want to have your own practice? Be prepared to support patients from around the world or others facing culture shock at work or family. 

Going abroad also means broadening your knowledge by studying in one of our future partner institutions where learning psychology will be done differently, which will complete your future professional identity.

Etudiants de la diversité
Étudiants entre les classes

The support of ESPÉ

The "International" team is there to guide you and help you in your choice. You also benefit from support before departure / upon your return by a psychologist during specific workshops to prepare you for this transformative experience.

In addition, university exchanges are carried out without additional tuition fees. Aware that there are still additional living costs to be expected (transport, accommodation, etc.), the ESPÉ has set up international scholarships based on social criteria so that experience abroad is open to all.

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