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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup vie étudiante

Student experience

Because the years devoted to your studies go beyond the academic framework, the ESPÉ allows you to live a rich and stimulating student life.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup Accompagnement carrière

Career support

As an ESPÉ student, there are many exciting opportunities available to you. Your professional career is a trajectory that can be built from your first internship or your first job. Our mission is to help you understand all your possibilities and make the choices that are right for you to achieve your career goals.

Student associations

Your involvement in the life of the School will allow you to develop skills useful for your personal development such as self-confidence, teamwork or adaptability, while acquiring concrete professional experience which will be valued by employers. .

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup association étudiante
Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup santé mentale

Health & welfare

Discover the different services offered for both your physical health and your mental health in order to live your years of study serenely

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The founding values of ESPÉ of openness, benevolence and high standards translate concretely into a voluntary policy to support everyone in the success of their studies:

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Equal opportunities

  • Disability

  • Respect for others

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup Handicap
Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup bourse

Financing your studies

ESPÉ promotes access for all to courses of excellence and to international experience. We have set up several support systems to help students finance their studies


Everything you need to know to prepare for your arrival in Paris

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup Dortoir d'université
Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup échange universitaire

The international experience

We want to become a fantastic melting pot that will give a unique personal and professional identity with a strong sensitivity to the issues of cross-cultural psychology. It's a year of adventure that you may never have the opportunity to experience again!

The campus

At the heart of the Paris - La Défense business district in a pleasant and stimulating environment, our Parisian campus is a center of research and teaching of excellence.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup Paris La Défense
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