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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Discover the actions of our community in favor of inclusion, equality and diversity

Our engagements

The founding values of the ESPÉ of openness, benevolence and high standards translate concretely into a voluntary policy to support everyone in the success of their studies.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup diversité

Diversity & Inclusion

The students address the subject of diversity and inclusion from the start of their education through dedicated courses that feed into our programs.

Indeed, the issue of inclusion is central in the mental health sector and these courses give each of our students the knowledge and operational tools in their professional life, but also in their personal life.

Equal opportunities

At ESPÉ, we want talents can pursue their dream and their studies without self-censorship. This is why we have set up targeted aid:

  • For the most deserving students with merit scholarships (mention Very Good at the baccalaureate for Bachelor students) and Excellence scholarships (for the best Master of Science candidates)

  • On social criteria with the social scholarships and the ​​ESPÉ international scholarships

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup solidaires
Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup PMR


As part of its involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ESPÉ has implemented support and accessibility solutions for students with disabilities.


In practice, the disability referent exchanges at the beginning of the year with students making a request for compensatory measures (right provided for by the law of 2005). This request is studied on a case-by-case basis and within a reasonable framework with regard to the possibilities of implementation by our schooling teams.


Types of arrangements possible: third-time, enlargement of subjects, loan of computer...

Respect for others

ESPÉ is committed to respect for others through its educational and student community and a "zero tolerance" policy against all forms of harassment.


The first step is to free the voice of the victims: ESPÉ has set up an email address dedicated to fight against sexual, racist or homophobic harassment. 

Respect for others also requires respect for the teaching and pedagogical teams. To make students aware of these different subjects, each student signs a "student life" charter when registering, setting out commitments in this regard.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup respect
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