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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup association étudiante

Student associations

Involvement in the associative life of the School is an integral part of the training

A dynamic and engaged community

Your involvement in the life of the School will allow you to develop skills useful for your personal development such as self-confidence, teamwork or adaptability, twhile acquiring concrete professionalizing experience that will be valued by employers.


Associative involvement, experienced with passion, commitment and team spirit, is an integral part of your training to such an extent that second-year Bachelor students must get involved in one of the School's student associations: From sport to humanitarian aid, from art to junior company, you will find a project that suits you and in which you will want to get involved. And if not, it's up to you to create the association of your dreams. 


To support your ideas and your projects as well as possible, you can count on the full support of the ESPÉ teams who will accompany you in your projects because we want our graduates to be proud of the work they have accomplished during their studies, while having acquired the necessary skills to be confident about their future.

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