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Career support

Your professional trajectory is reflected and prepared from your years of study

ESPÉ Career Center

As an ESPÉ student, there are many exciting opportunities available to you. Your professional career is a trajectory that can be built from your first internship or your first job. Our mission is to help you understand all your possibilities and make the choices that are right for you to achieve your career goals.

     Career training    


For all Bachelor and Master of Science students, we offer career training:

  • Mandatory training: applications, networking, interviews, assessment centers (pitching, case presentations, group dynamics), virtual interviews, etc.

  • A personalized follow-up in particular with eindividual mock interviews

    Career goals     

The ESPÉ Career Center offers an individualized program allowing Master of Science students to define and achieve their career goals. This notably involves self-assessments to define their deep professional identity as well as aindividual career counseling with counselors available year-round on campus and remotely.

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