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Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup recherche

Research and Faculty

ESPÉ pursues a dynamic and voluntary research policy thanks to its laboratory dedicated to the problems of vulnerability. It is also a faculty composed of expert practitioners in their field. The alliance of research and practice.

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup professeur

Research with impact

Our research lab is dedicated to Vunerability-Society-Ressources and aims to propose tools to improve operational cure of vunerability, wether in firms, NGOs or in liberal


The goal is to give additional ressources to therapist and patients in the cure process from remediation to patient capability.

Practioners expert in their fields

The faculty also includes pofessional practicioners. Since we want our programs to be centered on practice, we have psychologists and experienced therapists teaching with "real world" cases based on their own experiences and with simulation exercices. 

Etude psychologie hors Parcoursup expert
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